David and I sat down to reflect on 2016. It was a shocker of a year in some ways, but since no one at The Fusion Works had wasted time last year appointing a bigly, new president or elected to leave Cambridge (we like it here, thank you very much), we realised that we  had been having lots of fun focusing on things that matter to us. It turns out that 2016 was kind of exciting for the playful way we all grew up a bit.

We invested our time in meeting new people in creative environments:

  • Lindsay (and Nims) got us involved in the Cambridge Wireless network. It’s opened up a rich seam of contacts and opportunities to work on innovative new technologies.
  • We introduced Jeremy to the creative hub that is Collusion. This ‘arts meets technology’ company asked Jeremy to work with other property, tech and creative people to tackle some of Cambridge’s urban environment challenges. It’s launched some innovative thinking around the city’s Market Square and how it might be used by a greater diversity of people, events and organisations as a central public space in the future.**

We bought new kit and did some more playing:

  • The Omni 360 and RICOH Theta S 360 gave us the excuse to brainstorm brilliant and silly (sometimes brilliantly silly) ways to demonstrate how 360′ filming might be put to work for ourselves and our clients. This is why we now have an impressive collection of dinosaur costumes in the studio…
  • We went to industry events and exhibitions to explore emerging trends, innovative ideas and product launches. Perhaps the most rewarding part of these outings, was that we were able to discuss what we were seeing with  each other. We even got a team massage, (see photo above). David couldn’t believe his luck.

We challenged ourselves to develop The Fusion Works as a creative, digital agency that helps clients to build digital & creative value:

  • Our entire roster of services got a thorough workout in 2016, from exhibition stands incorporating the bespoke VR worlds to video productions of talented dogs (yes, really) and completely re-engineering a complex intranet site to ensure an multinational business could communicate seamlessly around the globe, as well as building website, producing apps and building brands.
  • We had to look at ourselves and the way we work. Along the way, we said goodbye to Hollie. We love Hollie. She’s fearsome, determined and prepared to laugh at some seriously bad jokes. More than a project administrator, she made sure we took a cold, hard look at the way we work. To be frank, we are not done yet, but in 2016, we took some valuable, team-building steps towards being even more proactive, prepared and focused and Hollie was a big part of that. We wish you all the best in Australia, Hollie xxx

So what does that mean for 2017? It means doing work that we love, seizing creative opportunities, being at the forefront of technology, pushing boundaries, having a laugh, getting the work done, making clients proud, seeking out talented, interesting people to work with us, never getting stuck in a rut, testing new ideas, dressing up as dinosaurs… Stick with us – this is going to be a good year.

Sarah (Marketing Manager)

** From The Fusion Works’ point of view, the Collusion ‘Maker Challenge’ highlighted how Cambridge is a great, mixed up city of eggheads and innovators. Despite the phenomenal assets of its people, the City doesn’t (shouldn’t) change over night. Ideas for the Market Square are taking small, nascent steps right now – but with continued interest from a number of local groups, we look forward to seeing what the future might hold.