After a gap of intensive client work, we have a few updates for you. Between testing new kit and delivering new 3D assets to clients, we didn’t have time to write the blog. Now there’s a backlog of goodies to share so lets kick off with a mention of Lindsay’s wife Nims.

Nims doesn’t do boring. Every time I hear something about her, she’s doing something beyond the ordinary. On this occasion, she was taking a flight in a Tiger Moth from Cambridge Airport. It was a present from Lins (other husbands think they are being clever with booking spa days, but not DJ Lins. I suspect she met him in Marks & Spencers. You know, ‘he’s no ordinary husband. He’s a Marks & Spencers husband…’)

So there they are, congratulating themselves on the good fortune of a sunny day and perfect flying conditions, when they fall in to conversation with other adventurers. They chat about the merits of Virtual Reality to replicate something of the real world experience of bi-plane flights.

“Oh that’s what Lindsay does,” says Nims, ever so easily introducing Lins to Allan McLean of the Cambridge Wireless’ special interest group for User Experience.

Before you know it, she’s got DJ Lins lined up as a speaker for a Cambridge Wireless event entitled [pauses for breath]; ‘Virtually There: At the Cusp of a Mixed Reality Revolution’. He would be talking on the subject of interactivity in the Virtual World alongside other clever people from Autodesk and ARM.

True, the subject matter is his bread and butter. There’s not much Lins doesn’t know about hand tracking, voice control, gaming controls, reticle selectors and more… but I can’t help feeling that lining your husband up for public speaking is perhaps a little scarier than taking a flight in a Tiger Moth with very expert pilot in the driving seat.

We took the chance to play with our Go Pro Omni while he was talking. Scratch that. David played with the Go Pro Omni and recorded the whole thing at high speed and put his own name on the title screen. Nice resolution though. Good work David…

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Seriously though, how do you get good at using new kit if you don’t give yourself a chance to make a few mistakes? There’s a place for trial and error – just not in a Tiger Moth. We need to keep Nims in one piece for her next adventure (coming to this blog soon….!)