Feeling chilly? We dug out this test 360′ footage of the Cambridge Bumps taken in July 2016 to warm us up. It’s a very lovely reminder of sunshine, warmth and a pint of beer on the banks of the River Cam. Bliss!

You can see this video in 360′ if you are on Chrome or Firefox. If you are on other browsers, you’ll still see a lush informal view of a summer’s day in Cambridge: watching the spectators just as much as the race itself.

Shot with our RICOH Theta S 360. It’s a relatively inexpensive camera – sub £300 – that delivers a lot of atmosphere. While it is neither professional grade or HD, it is a handy camera to have in our toolkit. We have used it alongside the Go Pro Omni to test techniques, viewpoints and to create 3D assets in customer experience and retail training projects.