January 2017

Flavour: 2017 Food Trends

David was invited on to Cambridge 105 Radio recently to discuss ideas for improving the diversity and popular use of Cambridge Market Square. You can hear his interview with Alan Alder here (24 minutes in) broadcast last week on Flavour, where they discussed... Continue Reading →

Meet Dr Philippa Muston

Happy days! We have added to our number at The Fusion Works and are delighted to welcome Dr Philippa Muston to the team. Philippa is a web developer with more teenage goth credentials that we could have ever wished for.... Continue Reading →

… that was 2016

David and I sat down to reflect on 2016. It was a shocker of a year in some ways, but since no one at The Fusion Works had wasted time last year appointing a bigly, new president or elected to leave Cambridge... Continue Reading →

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