Every single December it’s always the same. We hold the annual TFWX competition to see who can be the most ‘bah-humbug’ about Christmas. You know, the competition that Jeremy always wins*. And then he goes straight out and buys a stack of challenging Dom Rebel  sweatshirts to wear throughout Advent. 

While we don’t always like his sweaters (though Dogface by Dom Rebel is a personal favourite), we do agree with his suggestions for TFWX  Gift Gadget Guide for Christmas 2017. Here they are, from affordable to the very expensive:

Samsung GEAR VR (John Lewis, £79)

Pete and the Samsung GEAR VR

An ideal first step in to the VR world. Samsung’s headset is untethered and provides good sound quality via their smartphones (Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy s7, Galaxy s7 Edge).

Some reviewers have been anxious about the phone getting warm during use. But you know, we used it for four days running at the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona and never had a problem. We simply swapped phones in and out for recharging. You can expect the battery to run down after a few hours, but if you are buying this for children, you’ll find that a useful way of constraining screen-time.

There’s also a 360′ camera add on for the Samsung Gear VR. (John Lewis, £349.95). That’s a step too far for many, but at least John Lewis sugars the pill with a £75 cash back offer. The more you spend, the more you save, don’t you know?

Playstation VR (Argos, £349.99)

Pretty much the only thing we didn’t like about the Playstation VR is that it is still a tethered device. For most gamers, this will be their go-to choice of Christmas upgrade. At the time of writing, John Lewis had already sold out. So off to Argos with you.

Oh – and don’t get caught out by the need for a PS 4 Camera V2 (Argos, £44.99) to make everything in the box to work. It’s a shame when Sony makes things complicated for gift buyers. There’ll be a few tantruming teenagers on Christmas morning when they realise that Mum and Dad didn’t know to buy the camera…

MS Hololens – (Microsoft, £2719)

Hololens is a new and excitingly innovative augmented reality headset, but there are two main constraints: price and a limited range of apps. You might want to Skype your family using the headset – but Granny might not be too impressed when you refuse to take your ‘sunnies’ off.

At this stage, it’s really out there for developers like us and a handful of high-spending, early adopters.

Not that that stops Jeremy from winding up Roz and Sarah that he’s going to tell their children all about “Young Conker” – an animated squirrel that will chase golden coins around the furniture in their own home. He’s offering to promise that  if they are very good, of course their mummies will fork out** £2,719 (Microsoft) for one all of their own.

* Try harder than not liking marzipan, Peter.

**Like hell they will. Plans are afoot for a ‘bring your kids to work’ day for when David breaks out the company credit card and buys one ‘just for the office’.