THURSDAY marked our NBA’s last day of Mobile World Congress, as it drew to a close he set off once again to explore it’s sprawling landscape. Like Where’s Wally he was hard to spot in the crowds, but made sure he left a business card everywhere he went. Here’s his summary of the closing day… 

Woke up for the last day. I’ve got it sussed now. Wear trainers to walk to work and change into the foot torture devices when there. Today is the day that students get in for free. It’s great to see Barcelona allows students to be able to see the technology at MWC, because after all they are the future technology specialists, advocates, testers and they are also the current target market.
The game has held up well, and been loved all three days so I’m confident today is also going to go well. I hang around on the stand until 10:00 to make sure and then I head off to explore.
I see the coveted best mobile phone award went to the LG G5 because of its great battery switching design and insert-able accessories. I then get talking to a load of Samsung partners and they seem to be hungry for VR developers so I’m handing out cards everywhere and adding us to supplier lists in far off lands.

Google Stand

I visit the Google stand which looks very umm, Google like. There isn’t much to say about them, it was kind of boring.

Kwanko stand
It’s lucky not everybody speaks english natively… or has our sense of humour

This photo (above) shows what I think is the funniest stand design of the show, I’m sure the stand designers were trying their hardest to see if the customer would notice they had a couple of “wanks” above their head all event heheh. Anyway I meander around and speak to a few stands. Everyone is really just running the clock down because it shuts early today (16:00 instead of 19:00) some stands were even packing their stuff away at 14:00. 

AI Customer 1
Then I head back and let my new friend Mark from AsiaInfo have a go on the game (above). We close the game attraction down at 16:00 and pack up enough to leave the builders to come back in and dismantle the stand. I have a glass of champagne with the AsiaInfo crew to celebrate the successes of the week and then I am allowed to go.
I walk out of the building at 17:00 with a lot of other slow walking, jaded looking people and take one last selfie of a very tired but very relieved looking me outside of the front entrance.

Lins day 4

PHEW! another year done and a happy customer again.
Now what are we going to do for next year? Sophie and Andy (AsiaInfo) have seen videos for the very secretive Leap Magic and asked if there is any chance we can do something with that. We’ll have to wait and see…
Cheers all. I now have a well deserved pint in hand and am going to get a good nights sleep before heading back to sunny Cambridge tomorrow.

Norfolk boy signing out  : )