Our NBA Lindsay was last seen battling through the crowds at Mobile World Congress to get his mitts on as much VR and Mobile Tech as possible, for day three of the massive expo he’s sent us a few videos with his daily diary…

So day 3 was more of a day where I got to go around loads of places and see lots of people. I saw the roller coaster and got a video, and stumbled upon a small stand with a Gear VR hooked up to a hydraulic chair while you are skydiving. I got strapped in and had a go. It was pretty awesome. Here’s the video you can see I cant stop smiling.

360 camera

The photo above is of the 360 camera I know Jeremy our creative director will love for real time 3D filming where 3D works looking up and down as well.

I went to a conference on the future of mobile gaming which was really interesting where there was the head of gaming for Rovio (Angry Birds), Lego, and Next Games (Walking Dead) all voicing their views on mobile VR. It sounds as though we are absolutely on the right track although they all said that the mobile gaming industry hasn’t taken advantage of the fact that advertising is about making the most of the real estate where peoples eyeballs are at. It is mostly on their phone screens so while music and films combined aren’t as big as the mobile gaming industry right now big businesses do not seem to know to invest their money on the amount of time that young peoples eyes are spending looking at their mobile phones and how do we solve convincing people that’s where they should be advertising?

The angry birds bloke was pushing their new animated film coming out in May but he also said an interesting fact: Angry birds has been installed 3.5 Billion times. That’s phenomenal.

The last video I’m sending is of today’s winner. He got 1630 I never thought anyone would crack the 1600 mark but as you can see he was really intense and on his 3rd go he stormed it and won the iPad for the day.

So that was day 3, I had a few tequilas with our clients. One of them was a tequila expert and insisted, so I didn’t want to appear rude (hic). We have our last day tomorrow which is the student day. There is no ipad prize but the stand will be full of international students all trying to get the highest score.
I’d best get some sleep then!

NBA signing out 🙂