Last Thursday was the start of Gadget Show Live, as technology enthusiasts some of our team, myself included, went down to check out what’s new in the world of gadgetry.


In terms of VR headsets we didn’t see anything new,but considering the level of exposure we had to new kit releases at Mobile World Congress this was to be expected. What we had hoped to see was some beginnings of experimentation with the technology, to see where other businesses are taking it, if they’re adapting it or coupling VR with another technology. LEAP motion for example, can be coupled with Oculus Rift to allow hand tracking within the virtual environment. We expect this year to be the release of the kit and some attachments, next year we will hopefully begin to see the software and connected technologies and wearables coming into the commercial domain.

We did however see the Wizdish ROVR treadmill, similar to the Virtuix Omni but visibly much lower in spec- one of our partners describing it as “an upside down bin lid with spare piping from your garage”. To use it you needed to ideally be an adult size 9 or 12 in shoes as currently those are the two sizes provided. In comparison to the freedom of movement being demonstrated in the HTC Vive stand – it looked restrictive and not as slick as the VRGO chairs. 


Exploring the Labs Zone in the arena it was impressive to see up close 3D prints happening throughout the day in easily what will be the most popular desktop 3D printer for 2016 – the Ultimaker 2.

We finished the day up in the Home & Lifestyle zone, testing out shoulder and neck massagers. Well, it would have been rude not to… GS_Massager2