Nestlé Cereals are a FMCG dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction with a wide range of popular cereals such as Golden Grahams, Shredded Wheat and Cookie Crisps. As a fast moving consumer brand, Nestlé are continually looking at ways to innovate, stay ahead of the crowd and put their customers at the centre of their business.

Nestlé Cereals enlisted the help of the Fusion Works to create a bespoke Virtual Reality attraction to immerse their customers into the Nestle cereal world and offer them brand insights in a fun way.


Nestlé’s core aims within this project were;

      • To show their wholesale and retail clients they are an innovative brand
      • Incorporate Nestlé’s cereal brand insights
      • Provide a fun game utilising their current branding assets

A Creative Bespoke Solution

Nestle cereals have a number of products which they wanted to incorporate as part of the attraction, this required our team to create a digital asset pack for each cereal sector; Cheerios, Shreddies, Gluten Free, Pic-a-Pac, Curiously Cinnamon, Nature Valley and more.

We delivered a Virtual Reality package of four parts:

Cereal Catcher Challenge

Player moves head left and right to manoeuvre the “bowl” to catch cereal falling from the sky, the cereal moves quickly and to 270 degrees around the player. Players must watch out for falling “Insights”, purple gems which earn extra points!

Insight Questions

A series of questions to test the players’ knowledge and memory from their meeting with Nestlé. If they answer a question correctly this will improve their score, an incorrect answer however will reduce your score. The questions are multiple choice, these are key brand insight questions, such as:

Toffee Crisp Cereal sales have increased by what % over the last year?

These tested the knowledge of each player, and offered opportunities for wider discussion with the Nestlé team.

Feed the Family

Similar to the 80s arcade game Space Invaders, the player moves their head left to right to control the direction of the cereal “shooter”, tapping the touch panel on the head-set shoots at the targets surrounding them.

Breakfast table Roller Coaster

Take a ride through Nestlé’s cereal brand zones, filled with fun graphics and plenty of opportunities to score points using the custom built reticule to focus on Nestlé’s brands as you spot them. Each player would be able to look around them and activate the reticule by simply keeping their focus for 1.5 seconds on one of the floating brand icons whilst whizzing around the roller coaster’s track.



The Samsung Gear VR seemed the obvious choice for exhibition and trade show use, its slick lightweight design and built in touch pad means it appeals to the Virtual Reality sceptics and enthusiasts alike. The Samsung S6 Edge offers a high resolution screen, which was a step up in visual quality from our Oculus Dev 2 Kit.

Further Detail

Providing a Virtual Reality solution excited Nestle’s customers, the interactivity we built into the game surprised and wowed each player. They laughed at the voice commentary introducing and explaining the rules of each gaming section, and the feedback from every player was how intuitive the attraction was, for ease of use with a touch panel, head tracking technology and variation of levels throughout the experience.

A fresh way to market the Nestle Cereal brands in a distraction free environment away from competitors.

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