… that was 2016

David and I sat down to reflect on 2016. It was a shocker of a year in some ways, but since no one at The Fusion Works had wasted time last year appointing a bigly, new president or elected to leave Cambridge... Continue Reading →

TFWX Gift Guide for Christmas 2017

Every single December it's always the same. We hold the annual TFWX competition to see who can be the most 'bah-humbug' about Christmas. You know, the competition that Jeremy always wins*. And then he goes straight out and buys a stack... Continue Reading →

Cambridge Bumps and the RICOH Theta S 360

Feeling chilly? We dug out this test 360' footage of the Cambridge Bumps taken in July 2016 to warm us up. It's a very lovely reminder of sunshine, warmth and a pint of beer on the banks of the River... Continue Reading →

Nims, Tiger Moths and Fat Thumbs

After a gap of intensive client work, we have a few updates for you. Between testing new kit and delivering new 3D assets to clients, we didn’t have time to write the blog. Now there’s a backlog of goodies to... Continue Reading →

Showcase: RIGS Mechanized Combat League

When Guerilla Games Studio put out the word that they would be showcasing their  PS4 game,   at Anglia Ruskin University, Lindsay cleared his diary and joined students, journalists, business owners and gamers at Campus House. In the company of almost... Continue Reading →

Transporting Pupils out of the classroom into Virtual Reality

Last Monday we descended upon Foxton Primary School to present Virtual Reality to years’ 5 & 6. Taking with us Google Cardboards, two Samsung Gear VR headsets and a couple of generic mobile powered headsets. Initially the teacher posed a... Continue Reading →

Cereal Gaming for Nestlé

Overview Nestlé Cereals are a FMCG dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction with a wide range of popular cereals such as Golden Grahams, Shredded Wheat and Cookie Crisps. As a fast moving consumer brand, Nestlé are continually looking at ways to... Continue Reading →

Is Virtual Reality Safe for Children?

Virtual reality is changing our lives already, but have we thought about the long term effects it will have on our children?

Realising your brand in 3D

Digital advertising; you have a website, with its back links, SEO and ad words. Then came the app, you've got that too – with all the value added content your customers could wish for. Of course you have to continually incentivise... Continue Reading →

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