Digital advertising; you have a website, with its back links, SEO and ad words. Then came the app, you’ve got that too – with all the value added content your customers could wish for. Of course you have to continually incentivise your customers to retain your app on their ever decreasing mobile memory, and encourage them to access the app as much as possible. You’ll send notifications, app updates, offer discounts, loyalty points, additional support content. The list goes on (and we’re not even mentioning all the non digital materials here).

This is the 2D approach, it’s linear and works to an extent. However, your customers are now increasingly more distracted by their phones, and it is harder to captivate their attention for long. Remembering that the key aim is and has always been, to engage better with your target audience, your brand now needs to step forward and take on another dimension.

You don’t need to be a big brand to do it, just innovative
Going 3 dimensional offers your brand the opportunity to tell a bigger story. Captivate your audience, thrill and surprise them with a fully immersive experience that will encourage them to come back and remain loyal to your brand.

Think about what content you could purpose for 3D, how will you present it? Will this be an application that provides a service for your client or tells your brand’s story? Or a bit of both?

Distilleries are using VR to provide clients with full tours of the process selecting their grain, infusing the flavour, to bottling their creation. It works as a great way to provide information about the process, show details clients wouldn’t be privy to on a standard tour, include brand insights and really tell the story about the product in a fun innovative way.

Cardboard virtual reality

Reaching your customers
Untethered devices which make use of android and iPhones offer the most popular access for the public to VR and 360 video content.

If you have an app, you have the option to add 360 video content, or as a stepping stone- add a link to your youtube channel where 360 videos are supported.

VR can be used in consumer promotions by placing QR codes product packaging, labels, tags can entice clients to scan these, download your app or open your link directly to your VR content. Similarly if you provide a service why not send your clients a personalised Google cardboard for your next promotion?

3D branding doesn’t just mean another app; invite customers into your world by realising your website in 3D, luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo launched a virtual showroom two years ago. BUT if your marketing budget is lean, think about building relationships with complimentary brands and services as these may sponsor a new interactive website with an allowance for advertising space or establish a collaborative venture with you.

If you would like to see how your brand could be realised in 3D contact us at the Fusion Works for a demonstration.