So your fancy new motor has a particularly smooth ride? Want to know how it does that Well, if you are in the business of building cars; the answer is YES. Our video for Dunlop Systems & Components tells the full story of their air suspension products from the factory to the car.

Technical, engineered products might demand a higher standard of detail in their marketing – but Dunlop didn’t want us to produce an Open University lecture (ah, BBC2 on a Sunday morning – who remembers those programmes?).

Instead, led by our Creative Director, Jeremy, we created original footage and CGI animation to take Dunlop’s customers on the journey from engineering into a car and on to all terrain surfaces.

See the video at

We shot original footage in the factory and on the roads, created CGI animate content to illustrate where the components are placed, composed music throughout and made selective use of some stock footage.

Dunlop Systems and Components had seen previous examples of our CGI animation work for engineering clients and knew we had what it takes to tell the full story of behind their air suspension products.

Take a look for yourself and learn a bit more about the kit that takes out the bumps on your next car ride.