Don’t listen to The Boomtown Rats. (Now there’s a motto to live by…) We love Mondays, especially Monday 20 February at 6pm when we head off to Collusion‘s meet up at Cambridge Junction to give as many people as possible the chance to experience VR technology for themselves.

MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST will be there too. MLF is a collective headed up by Barney Steel, Robin McNicholas who create visual nuggets of creativity for art installations, performances, events and other stuff. The sort of business that also loves Mondays because they magicked up a way of earning a living doing something they love.

The purpose of the event is to bring artists and digital tech people together to generate new ideas and concepts. We will be talking about how we have utilised VR technology and what we’ve learnt in doing so. We’ll also have a variety of VR kit for people to play with. 

We would love it if you were there, tickets are free and it will be a fun stimulating evening. If you’re on Meet-Up then join this event…/…/ or alternatively you can get tickets from the Junction’s web site Big thanks to all the shares about this event.