We had fun with this project for Bernhard Grinders – the leading manufacturer of sharpening equipment for the golf industry. When they asked us to produce an exhibition promo about their Turf Toolkit app (yes, we made that too), we came up with Happy Harry, the sharpest dog on the golf course.

Linked from the Bernhard GrindersYouTube channel.

He and his doggy-pals use the app to collate, share and analyse data about their golf course, lawn mowers and sharpening equipment. After all, greenkeepers do so much more than just whip a flymo around those manicured greens, you know.

Note: Happy Harry is currently being shown at the Golf Industry Show 2017 in Orlando, Florida. This is the world’s premier golf show for course managers, club owners and operators and golfing brands. Bernhard is the sponsor of the BIGGA competition to select 10 leading course managers (greenskeepers) to the BIGGA delegation.