Right now, Virtual Reality is the buzz term. Oculus, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, they’re all shouting about their new technology and what it can do. However, the overall perception is that this will initially be for the gamers and gadget enthusiasts.

Actually it’s going to be so much more than that, but for marketing and proving your brand is an innovative thought leader to your target customer-  at The Fusion Works we see this technology helping businesses of all sizes to market better.

To put it simply, we design and develop fully immersive 3D environments. Using Oculus and LEAP Motion technology we have been able to put customers into these 3D environments where they can react, interact, experience and empathise with the virtual reality they are presented.

Utilising Virtual Reality in this way at a Trade Show or Business event means you are able to capture the customer’s full attention. We have developed VR and Kinect attractions to help our clients identify their consumers’ needs through fun and engaging games. In 2015 we did this for one of the Worlds’ largest telco conferences, Mobile World Congress Barcelona, and it was an incredible success.

At Trade shows, having a gimic on your stand will attract people but not custom, the competition ‘how many sweets are in the jar’ is archaic and what will that tell your audience about you? Having a bespoke virtual reality attraction that communicates your brands’ message and offers a new innovative, engaging experience (with a potential competitive element) will be an extension of your stand and branding collateral. See for yourself how we have made this work previously here.

If you want to create follow up business opportunities, have a VR attraction that starts the conversation, asks questions and offers the customer an incentive to see more from you. Competitive elements to an attraction will offer the chance to score points, meaning player results and leader boards can be automatically tweeted or posted on Facebook. All of this giving your product and your brand further reach.