It’s been a year since we began renovating our office, and due to our workload being at full volume we have had some delays in getting finished.

We set out at the very end of 2014 with the vision to create an office space we would feel proud to host our clients in. For the majority of 2015 we made use of our meeting table to discuss key projects and updated our desks and chairs. We have had some lovely feedback from clients (some asking to come in and hot desk if possible).

Our new Demo Area feels like one of the final pieces to our office slotting into place (our team would argue a fridge filled with beer and champers is the last piece!)┬áIt’s going to allow US to invite YOU in and offer you a comfortable area to sit, enjoy an experience in Virtual Reality, or discuss your next business project with us. We have our Oculus, Samsung gear, Google cardboard kits all ready to go.

Contact now to book your Virtual Reality demo.