Step Inside Our New Office…
Just as most offices were closing down for the Christmas period, we began tearing ours apart.

Being situated in a lovely old Brewery in the architectural landscape of Cambridge,it seemed a shame not to be using the full potential of our office space.
We had a few previous quotes on file, but as creative’s, typically we wanted to take a hands on approach.

Once we realised that what our office needed was not so much a grenade and a quick prayer…but a lot of TLC and a bit of a polish, we bit the bullet and set to work first removing our suspended ceiling.

It revealed our extremely dusty, smoke damaged rafters (from a fire long ago) and an unbelievable amount of insulation which had been slow-cooking us during the Spring and Summer.

Lucky we had thought to order safety goggles, gloves and those suits that made us look like forensics at a crime scene. We sanded and painted the beams, rafters and walls, replacing our eco-unfriendly fluorescent strip lighting with LED lamps giving the office with a much better lighter and fresher look.

Our mission was to create our own personalised work space that we could feel proud to bring clients into. This month we started adding some additional colour features- our rings from our Logo we had made into white boards around the office (absolutely not for drawing/ writing anything naughty on, ahem)…

We have a picturesque skyscraper ceiling for our meeting room and lastly a Fusion Works/Banksy design on our office door has really helped our office feel more of a home for The Fusion Works team this week.

It unifies us as a team now we can all enjoy the environment we work together in.
But we’re not finished yet… for me, I still want my desk personalised in my own way…