While thumbing through a local Cambridge magazine I came across an article written about our recent show and how it went with the audience.

So this made me think I I would add a little more footage that we have had sent to us from various people who attended.

Firstly, I would really like to thank Gary the mascot for popping into the VR stage to say hi:


At about 15 seconds he comes in to see if he could share the cupcake.

Afterwards, we all retired to the bar area so that anybody who attended could have a go on some of the apps and demos we have written over the last few years.

There were smiles and laughs and Bows and Arrows flying around the (VR) place. Everybody had a great time. We have a new found interest in performing and demonstrating with VR and bringing smiles to everyone who uses it.

You can see the full article here: https://issuu.com/brightpublishing/docs/ce_april_issuu (pages 36 and 37)

The event was held by Collusion http://www.collusion.org.uk/ as part of their Let’s talk about VR Meetup which you can be a part of here: